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What We Do

We cater for all English clunch stone requirements.


Clunch is a versatile stone, that can enhance your garden design or provide the ultimate medium for an impressive sculpture.


Why not visit our yard in Weston Underwood and discover how Totternhoe clunch can enhance your project?


Please phone before visiting to ensure we have someone there to meet you.


Alternatively phone us for an informal discussion ~ we are here to help.















Forms of Clunch Available

We can supply clunch in various forms including:


  • stone chalk dust

  • scants (various thicknesses and lengths to your specification)

  • large chunks for sculpture (choose the one that best suits your project)

  • clunch rubble for walling

  • large seasoned blocks

Totternhoe Quarry

Our quarry is located at Totternhoe in Bedfordshire, England. Stone is available for inspection at our yard in Weston Underwood. Please contact us before travelling to see us so we can make sure we are there to meet you.












Clunch Technical Details
  • Type: Cretaceous. Lower Chalk. Fine-grained limestone

  • Colour/texture: Greyish-white hard chalk.

  • Crushing strength: 160kgf/



  • Weight: 1871.5kg/cu.m

  • Porosity/water absorption: P: 31.4%, WA: 14.0%

  • Suitability: Ashlar and carving, slabbing, screening, rubble building stone, clunch walling and general building stone


  • Availability: Unlimited, Block, 1m-1.5m beds

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